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WSA, GTS Enter Into Partnership For water supply and sanitation infrastructure projects in Africa

Samuel I. Shay, International Business Specialist at Gulf Technology Systems

Water & Sanitation for Africa (WSA) and Gulf Technology Systems (GTS) have entered into a full cooperation agreement to collaborate on water supply and sanitation infrastructure projects in Africa.

The agreement aims to bring together the expertise and resources of both organizations to help address the critical lack of access to basic sanitation facilities in the Sub-Saharan region, which currently affects 1.69 billion people and costs an estimated 5.5 billion USD per year. The partnership aims to develop and implement sustainable solutions for drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation, with the goal of improving the lives of local communities and increasing agricultural yield.

Under the new agreement, WSA will act as the primary execution agent and project facilitator for water and sanitation projects in its member countries, while GTS will provide complementary expertise and act as a fundraising agent for the projects. The management team for each project will be made up of members from both organizations.

“We are excited to partner with Gulf Technology Systems on this important initiative,” said Dr. Hobah Rogoto, Executive Secretary of WSA. “Their expertise and resources will help us to expand the scope and level of technology applied in our water and sanitation projects and bring much-needed solutions to communities in need.”

“GTS is committed to supporting sustainable development projects that improve the lives of people and drive economic growth.”


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