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Deep Plot To Ruin and Tarnish GNPC’s CEO And His Image Uncovered

Mr Opoku-Ahweneeh Danquah

A recent calculated deep attempt to drug Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) CEO Mr Opoku-Ahweneeh Danquah into the mud has been uncovered.

A deep throat source has independently verified that he has also intercepted and shrugged off multiple death threats, while efforts by the opposition to continue to throw mud on him and his Board Chairman, Mr. Freddie Blay, who are creating positive and effective change at the national oil company.

A probe into the recent attacks reveals that he is of the staunch position his appointment by His Excellency Nana Addo, was simply an opportunity to serve Ghana and he will do whatever it takes under the law and proper corporate governance to continuously bring excellence to GNPC.

Recently, the GNPC boss has been falsely accused of engaging in a fracas with the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) security and protocol officials on his return from a working trip with potential investors to increase the country’s oil and gas reserves. It was noted from discussions with employees that ‘almost all money pumped into the country’s investment in oil and gas have been foreign direct investments, and the CEO recognizes that if GNPC does not intensify its efforts to increase foreign investments in the light of the Energy Transition phenomena, one day the country’s oil reserves will decline.’ This is what keeps the GNPC CEO sleepless at night and globetrotting, ensuring that the right partnerships are struck with all relevant stakeholders for the betterment of the National Oil Company and ultimately for the rest of Ghana. Unfortunately, genuine efforts to help the country have been met with fierce sabotage, unnecessary lies and rumors.

He has been noted to say in several meetings that he understands that others will like to use GNPC as their personal ‘piggybank’ without adding value to our customers and or Ghana and he will not allow that behavior. One of the issues investigated was allegations about his Public Services Commission (PSC) interview which was alleged that he failed (PSC actually had to respond to the fake news). Further investigations revealed that he was the only GNPC CEO in over a decade to pass such an interview. It was also discovered that he is also the only GNPC CEO, to have streamlined payroll and not hired any new employee or consultants on the GNPC executive team, because he is a firm believer in using existing in house talent.

Chatting with most GNPC employees, they stated that the allegations are a calculated attempt to smear their boss and discredit his strong work ethics in advancing the corporation with solid leadership, that is comparable to running an Oil and Gas company.

He is noted for cracking down on unproductivity and fostering progress in all departments. Nobody can deny that he has not brought a breath of fresh air to the organization with his constructive and valuable principles.Responding to what he described as wild and baseless allegations, one of the GNPC Staff Union leaders stated: ” … the CEO’s mission is to drill Ghana’s first own well ever in the frontier Voltaian Basin and increase the nation’s dwindling oil reserves offshore…he sits on a hot seat that is envied by a lot of people…they know he knows his stuff, is respectful and works very hard, so they are using petty issues of salary, per diem and other distractors…if you are the hardest working employee and bring the most value, would you want to work for free?”It appears the GNPC boss is unbothered with thick skin, that is why the employees have nicknamed him “Kofi Teflon” or “Teflon CE (TCE)” because they claim sabotage bullets bounce off his tough skin like bulletproof Teflon vests.


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