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DOWNLOAD MP3: Minister Hightower – Lord Arise

We are thrilled to announce the release of Minister Hightower’s newest gospel track, “Lord Arise”! This powerful and uplifting song is set to inspire hearts and souls with its soul-stirring lyrics and captivating melody. Prepare to be moved and experience a spiritual awakening like never before.

The lyrics of “Lord Arise” speak to the challenges and trials we face in our daily lives, reminding us to turn to God in times of adversity and seek His strength. The song’s powerful message of perseverance, hope, and trust in the Almighty resonates deeply with anyone who has faced struggles and seeks solace in their faith. Minister Hightower’s heartfelt delivery and unwavering conviction make “Lord Arise” a testament to the power of faith and prayer.

Lord Arise will liven you and make you realize that God has done so much we need to be thankful for.

Minister Hightower – Lord Arise



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