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Mount Horeb Launches 30th Anniversary Celebration In Style

The Mount Horeb Prayer Center has officially launched its 30th anniversary celebration in a spectacular and colourful fashion.

The well attended ceremony was themed “Launch out into the deep.”

The launch herald’s series of what will be an exciting, power packed activities to underline God’s abundant grace to a church that started very small in the thick forest of Mamfe – Akuapim in the year 1993.

Speaking to the press during the launch, General Overseer of the Church, Prophet Paul Kweku Nii Okai stressed on the need for Ghanaian leaders to tilt toward the ways of God instead of promoting their own agenda.

“Samuel was not only fashionable with Christ but always obeyed, adhered to the directions of God and that is why he excelled a lot as a man of God,” said prophet Okai.

He added “l am of the strong of opinion that Ghana will become a top country if our leaders begin to rely on the directions of God in their decision making and that will also help them to be more spiritually inclined. ”

Recounting his experience in the ministry, he stated that: ‘Thirty years ago, I was inspired by a divine call to establish a church that would be a beacon of hope and salvation for people from all walks of life. With a few faithful members, we began our journey, and today, we stand as a thriving community of believers.‘Over the years, we have witnessed the grace and favor of God, and our ministry has grown from strength to strength. We have seen countless lives transformed through the power of the Gospel, and we have been privileged to play a significant role in the development of our community.”

“As we celebrate this milestone, we do not take it for granted. We recognize that it is only by the grace of God that we have come this far.
“We also acknowledge the tireless efforts of our members, leaders, and partners, who have worked tirelessly to support our vision and mission.Looking at the future, we are confident that God has greater things in store for us.

“We are committed to fulfilling our mandate to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to impact our communities, and to build a legacy that will stand the test of time.”

Chairman of the anniversary committee Dr Emmanuel Bortey Borketey in his welcome address indicated that the church’s priority during this celebration is to give back to society.

“As we celebrate, we are reminded of the need to give back to God and to our community. Therefore, in the spirit of giving, we are raising funds towards the renovation of our church’s sanatorium (an abode for persons with mental illness who are being provided with spiritual and medical attentions), provide seed funding to support the daily administration of the sanatorium and the completion of the uncompleted project in Mamfe.

“The Bible says in Proverbs 19:17, “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.”

“Our giving towards these projects is an act of kindness to the poor, and we trust that God will reward us accordingly.”

Guest speaker for the occasion, Dr Lawrence Tetteh commended Prophet Paul Kweku Nii Okai for availing himself as a vessel for God’s work and encouraged the public to through their weight behind prophet’s ministry and his passion for mental health.

“It‘s about time we started commending people who are really doing well in our society. What prophet has done is worth emulating and we need to encourage, support him. Ghanaians are noted for celebrating the dead but I am happy that we are celebrating whiles he’s still alive and the many things he has done especially the facility he established for the mentally retarded person several years ago.

“I also want to commend him for using the name of Jesus, gospel to transform lives. He echoed. Reacting to prophet’s call for Ghanaian leaders to tilt towards the ways of God.”

He added that; “…that is the way to go because any nation without deep spiritual backing has no future because it is written in the Bible that righteousness exalts a nation and when the righteous rules, the people rejoice but it’s unfortunate that this current Ghana has lost sight of spirituality and that is why we are in trouble.

“Our leaders even pay lip service with godliness yet they are not godly men and I think moving forward, we need to elect leaders who love God and speak his mind as well.”

General secretary of the Church Elder Albert Haligah expressed his gratitude to God and added that: ‘we are laying the foundation for the next level.
He said “At 30 years we are about to take off to the next level of God’s moves. All I can say is that you’ve heard many testimonies and encounters but it is just the beginning.

“God is about to do a new thing eyes have not seen and neither has our minds contemplated’. Dignitaries such as Nana Ansah Sasraku III – Chief of Mamfe & Kyidomhene of Akuapem, Selina Boateng, Patience Nyarko, Joyce blessing, Apostle Oko Hackman and many others graced the occasion in an august fashion.”

Meanwhile the main anniversary celebration has been scheduled for June 23, 2023.

About Mount Horeb Victorious Church

The Mount Horeb Victorious Church International (MHVCI) was founded by Prophet Paul Kweku Nii Okai on the 26th December 1996 in Teshie – Ghana, as a Pentecostal church.

From a humble opening, the Teshie branch started with about two hundred and fifty-three persons in its maiden gathering, the church has now grown into multifaceted Christian ministry which is touching lives and nations with the power and gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mount Horeb Victorious Church International is a leader in healing, deliverance and human development in a holistic way. This is expressed in our teachings, healing and deliverance services, our philanthropic works, the upbringing of leaders in all aspects of life including pastoral ministry, business, education and mental health.

In tandem with that, the church has established the Mount Horeb Bible college, committee for philanthropic works, Sanatorium for the sick, mentally challenged persons among many others to facilitate the growth of human potential and concurrently carry out the initiatives of the church which seeks to give opportunities to people to discover, develop and deploy their God-given talents.

Mount Horeb is clear on its mandate; to equip the individual to live a fulfilling life on earth, win more souls for Christ and contribute to society’s development.

To the praise of God, Mount Horeb Victorious Church International remains an inspiration for the world with over twenty-nine branches in Ghana and abroad.


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