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Why Cheetah Cup?- Yartey

Why Cheetah Cup?- Yartey

I love grassroots football; I love football in general. Football has a great impact on society.
It creates wealth for people, as it is not only about the game itself but instilling values like teamwork, social development, health, fitness and personal fulfilment. Africa is blessed with lots of talented players that we take advantage of and use to create wealth and opportunities for all. The game is a vehicle for educational, social and sporting development.

Everyone has a reason why he or she is involved in this beautiful game. For me, I love grassroots football and I love to invest my time and resources in the development of grassroots football to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to be involved in the game, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, race, religion or sexual identity.

As a scout and a club chairman, I have been invited and I have attended lots of youth soccer tournaments. Some of the very high quality and some of the low standards. The development of football in Ghana and Africa is a collective effort due to the lack of resources, and infrastructure in our part of the world.

I believe in the development and progression of people and organizations; using sports as a tool to create wealth for people. With this in mind, I decided to design a youth tournament (CHEETAH CUP) as another vehicle that young talented players across Africa can use as a stepping stone for a bigger opportunity.

The Cheetah Cup is also designed as Ghana’s response to similar youth tournaments in the world and also to aid the development of grassroots football In Ghana. I am very glad the Ghana Football Association gave us their blessings to put up this tournament last year and this year as well

We will do whatever possible to make the Cheetah Cup one of the biggest youth tournaments on the African continent; one Ghanaians will be proud of.


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