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Photos: Man Weds Dead Girlfriend So She Can Meet ‘God’ As Married Woman

A bizarre marriage was conducted in a Thailand community when a man decided to wed his dead girlfriend so that when she gets to ‘heaven’, she will meet ‘God’, as a married woman.

According to reports in Thai websites, Chadil Deffy, had been dating Sarinya Kamsook for ten years after meeting her at university when they were undergraduates and when she asked him to marry her, he rebuffed her, citing a heavy work load and other family commitments.

But shortly after that, Sarinya was involved in a ghastly car accident and she lost her life in the process. According to friends, the devastated Deffy decided to do the ‘right thing’ by wedding her corpse shortly before she was buried because he wanted her to get to heaven as a married woman and in order to right the wrong of denying her while she was alive.

The wedding ceremony took place at the same time as Sarinya’s funeral where Deffy placed a ring on her finger and kissed the ‘bride’.





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