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Nurse turns to lotto after consulting man of God

A 28-year old nurse who gave her name only as Wendy has boldly confessed how a ‘man of God’ influenced her into lotto staking when she went in search of interpretation of her dream.

Wendy narrating her story on Asempa FM’s mid-morning show, ‘Abrabo’ said she used to have dreams about numbers.

These numbers, she said were always announced as the winning numbers in weekly lotto results.

These frequent dreams, she said compelled her to consult a ‘man of God’ who directed her to meet him at a hotel around Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra which he uses as a consulting centre.

She said after narrating her dreams to the ‘man of God’, she said the pastor gave her a lotto number to stake for a financial breakthrough at a fee of GH¢100.

The mother of one said she waited patiently till early Saturday morning and went to stake the first lotto hoping that she will win but did not win.

Nurse Wendy said the pastor realizing the number didn’t appear in the winning numbers quickly called her another number. She tried for the second time but once again failed to win anything.

The married nurse said she called the pastor after their second attempt. Once again he invited her to meet him at the usual hotel room he operates in Accra as an office.

However, Wendy said when she got to the hotel she saw quite a number of people in a queue who had come to consult the pastor for lotto numbers.

“I joined the queue and got my lotto number for the third time so this time I was not much convinced I was going to win but I was just praying that I win just to cover up for my previous losses but I lost as well,” she said.

Nurse Wendy has since been calling the man of God to refund her GH¢100 but she did not succeed in her efforts.

The Pastor who preferred to be called ‘Fire Man’ said his ministry is to give lotto numbers and hence agreed to refund the money to the nurse.

He claimed the lady did not win the lottery because of a ‘bad omen’ which is causing her failure in all her endeavors.


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