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Nii Odoitso Odoi Kwao, La Leshie Mantse donate to La Market

La Leshie Mantse, Nii Odoitso Odoi Kwao families have supported the La market women with a cash donation.

To the charity oriented family, the undisclosed mouth watering amount was to ensure the proper upkeep of the traders.

Head of the Nii Odoitso Odoi Kwao family Nii Odoi Laryea said the gesture would be annualized and urged the market women to live as a healthy family unit.

The delegation was led by Nii Benjamin Tetteh Yemoh, Prince of Ga state, and Nii Tettey Ofro-Osro I, La Leshie Mantse.

The Prince of Ga state said ” We will keep doing this, it is our window’s mite, but we believe it will go a long way in achieving the intended purpose. Disburse it equitably, we will be visiting from time to time to check how you are faring.”
And expressing her heartfelt gratitude on behalf of the market women, Christiana Laryea, the market queen said ” We are indeed grateful for this gesture, we are amazed and least expected it. God richly bless you for your kindness. It will definitely help us a great deal.”


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