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All Set For “I AM INVESTIBLE (iAi)” Project Launch

All is set for the launch of Samaritan Angels Limited

“I AM INVESTIBLE” PROJECT scheduled for Monday January 30. Mrs. Angelina Diyuoh Minski, Managing Consultant, “I AM INVESTIBLE” has said.

It is themed ‘’Accelerating growth of entrepreneurs and creating jobs in Ghana, the role of technical support and finance.”

Samaritan Angels Limited is a Social Enterprise focused on accelerating the growth of local Ghanaian businesses and creating jobs by providing access to finance, capacity development and business advisory services.

She said The “I AM INVESTIBLE” (iAi) project offers a unique business excellence, coaching and financial support to accelerate the growth of local enterprises and facilitate their growth to create jobs.

The main objective of the iAi project is to enhance the capabilities of entrepreneurs, support the informal sector to formalize their business and provide access to grants to support the working capital needs of businesses to grow.

The iAi project will deliver technical support and grants to 10,000 entrepreneurs over 3 years and create 20,000 jobs in the process.


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