Home NEWS Woman found a dead lizard in her latte (PHOTO)

Woman found a dead lizard in her latte (PHOTO)

A Phoenix woman says she found a small lizard inside her Starbucks latte. And she has the pictures to prove it.

Kim and Brian Dillon aid they visited Starbucks and ordered two sugar free lattes and found an extra ingredient inside one.

“It was just so gross knowing it was in my mouth,” said Kim. “It was a lizard,” said Brian.

“A little lizard! That she drank. That went into her mouth.” Shocked and disgusted, Kim and Brian couldn’t believe it.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” said Kim. “I was almost going to swallow it.”

The couple went back to the store, with the lifeless critter in a bag and the staff apologized.

And when ABC15 reached out to Starbucks, they said they’re disturbed by the situation and are looking into it.

Fry’s said they did extra cleaning and checked with a pest control company, but they believe it’s an isolated incident.

“We understand that we live in the desert and there’s a bunch of bugs,” said Brian.

“But something like that is just nerve wrecking.” And it still leaves the couple with so many questions.

“Where are the legs? Where’s the skin?” asked Kim. “And it just makes me sick.” The little slimy experience really left a bad taste in their mouths.

“Maybe we’ll be tea drinkers from now on,” laughed Brian.

See the picture below:



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