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The Small Fishes Are Taking Lands Forever As The Mafias Are Going For The Mineral Resources Forever

Source: Godwin Ako Gunn

It has become so obvious that a group of people have decided to share the resources of Ghana to themselves FOREVER!!! The sad SCRAMBLE for the republic of Ghana

The ‘WILL’ of Sir John, a respected man from Sakora Wonoo, a kente weaving village in the Kwabere East District, reveals the mindset of the people leading us.

How can Sir John dash to his family forest lands that have been reserved for the past 90 years? Gift to his family Ramsar sites that must not be sold, because through people’s votes, he became the Chief executive of the forestry commission.

As the small fishes are grabbing the properties on the surfaces of the earth forever, the Mafias are targeting the minerals under the earth forever.

When you vote for hyenas to take care of your goats, you have no points, complaining of their thievery. Find out what influenced your thinking. Anger ? Hatred or tribalism? I feel scandalized.

If not with this forever to my family mindset, what will be the reason for a government to sign a contract with unknown faces, whose company is in a safe haven outside the jurisdiction in perpetuity!!! For the avoidance of doubt PERPETUITY IS THE SYNONYM OF FOREVER. The preferred word of the Mafias.

Agyapa is likely to be presented to parliament this year for it’s execution. I mean to be taken over by the Mafias Forever. If this is not selfish stupidity , what can I call it?

Though I feel worried, it’s not because of their greed, but our silence as owners of the resource, and the defence that a hungry foot soldier is putting up for these thieves. I wonder how our conscience works. The foot soldiers have been kept in perpetual need of ‘Ghc700’ so they can continue the absurdity of defense without logic.

God, I don’t have any good Uncle like Sir John, so I ask for your FOREVER blessings. Bless me in perpetuity to see the better days ahead.



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