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NDC Italy Chapter Congratulates James Gyekye Quayson

NDC Italy Chapter Congratulates James Gyekye Quayson

On the 27th of June 2023 Ghana’s democracy stood tall among other democracies in the world..After a long Legally influenced partisan battle that was ousted from the  Ghana parliament and Elected parliamentarian, the people of  Assin have spoken. Ghana’s   democracy has passed  the   test  of  the   day

The  Italy Chapter  of  the  NDC  wants  to  Congratulate  Mr. James  Gyekye  Quayson for  his   landslide  victory   over  his   contender  in  the  recent  by-elections in the Assin  North  We   thank  the  Flagbearer, the  Chairman, the General  Secretary, the MPs, and   all  party  supporters  who have   helped  in diverse  ways  even at  the   peril   of  their   lives  to  defend   our  democracy

Akufo Addo, where is your sting? Your utterances and demeanors don’t depict the Lawyer you claimed to be. I believed you have till now not found your Law certificates. Not forgetting your classmates. You are the first to Clear criminals even before they are investigated.

In the same way, you have, together with your partisan  Attorney General Jailed  Hon. James Gyekye Quayson even before the courts would draw a curtain on the case. Your intimidations could not stop the people of  Assin from talking.  Power belongs to the people. The   Assins have proven beyond all odds that they cannot be taken for granted. For the first time in our democracy, Akufo Addo has turned our democracy into ‘Moneycracy”; people have been enticed with money in order to vote in a certain direction.

 The Italy chapter Lauded the Gallant men and women of the NDC  who have prioritized the National interest, defended the constitution, and supported our democracy. The vigilance put in place, the coalition of the results, and your bravery have given us hope going into the  2024 general elections.

Long live Ghana, Long   live Ghana’s democracy


Eye ZA

Ag  Sec   



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