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Striking Doctors Leadership are politicians seeking to rob Ghanaians – NDC Man

A Deputy Communications Director of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kwaku Boahen has claimed that 90% of the leadership of the striking doctors are politicians who are not only pushing political agenda.

Kwaku Boahen further claimed the leadership of the doctors are not only pushing their political agenda but are also making undue demands.

“I can bet my last penny on the fact that about 90% of the leadership of the doctors are just pushing their political agenda…hence the reason why they are making these undue demands,” he said on Asempa FM’s Kukurantumi programme.

Members of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) declared a strike action on Wednesday after government failed to meet their demands for better conditions of service.

Since the declaration of the strike, various people including the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NDC have criticized them and called on Government to consider employing more doctors from Cuba to take over their positions.

“If these doctors demand persists, then I urge government to just go to Cuba and recruit doctors into the country and pay them. It’s about time we told our doctors, enough is enough. The people of Ghana must rise up against them…,”Ade Coker said.

National Communication Director of the same party, Solomon Nkansah also described the striking doctors are ‘nation wreckers’ who are making demands based on their political leanings.

And these accusations, Kwaku Boahen said are true reflections of the behavior of the leadership of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) which ‘consist of 90% politicians who work to push their political agenda.’

Kwaku Boahen further claimed that he was surprised the doctors have not acted on their earlier claims to resign en mass.

“I thought they said they would resign, why are they are still working…there are some in private employment so why are they still at post…?

According to him, the doctors are just making undue demands.

But these comments, Nasara Coordinator of the NPP, Kamal Deen who was on the show said were unfair as the government can never do away with the services of doctors.

“Is government going to employ monkeys in the new hospitals they claim they are building?, certainly not so why insult them like that…these comments are unfair,” he said.


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