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Aweele dares Funny Face; Come out publicly if I have wronged you

Comedian, Aweele, has asked Funny Face, his one-time friend and co-actor on TV3’s Chorkor Trotro TV series to come out publicly if he has wronged him.

Aweele dared Funny Face after the latter’s outbursts on Accra based radio station, Pluzz FM, last Friday during its Flex on Pluzz Entertainment show that if pushed to the wall, he will tell the world what Aweele has done.

“Funny Face says that he doesn’t want to come out publicly to save my image but I dare him to say whatever I have done wrong to him.

“ I know very well that I have done him no wrong so I’m not afraid. If truly I have said or done something wrong to him, let Funny face come out to say it so that the public will be the judge”, he said.

Aweele, who was obviously not happy with the “new development” between him and Funny Face, who he credited for bringing him to the limelight, said he has no problem with Funny Face.

“If Funny Face has a problem with me then I don’t know because I hold nothing against him. He has been saying that I’m an ungrateful person yet I don’t know what I have said or done.

“ I have always said with pride that Funny Face has contributed to my success. Yes, he introduced me to the Chorkor Trotro series and I’m forever grateful to him but I can’t always follow him wherever he goes.

According to Aweele, probably his decision not to quit the Chorkor Series after Funny Face left following a misunderstanding he had with the management of TV3 may be the cause of Funny Face’s attitude towards him.

“ I can’t really be sure if that is it but even if it is the case, I couldn’t have left a job that I make a living from to feed my family just because my friend who introduced me to it left.

“ It doesn’t make sense to me because I’m a man and I need to work hard to put food on the table. How do I feed my family, if I should quit just because he has a problem with TV3”, he queried.

However, when Showbiz contacted Funny Face yesterday, August 2 for his side of the story, he declined to comment yet said “I don’t want to talk about this issue. Let Aweele say whatever he wants because I can’t go to everybody’s house to say my side of the story. Let God be the judge,” he said.

The two ’frenemies’, who played alongside each other on Chokor Trotro for many years gave a hint of their strained relationship when they “clashed” on Pluzz FM last week.

The “saga” started when Aweele called into the Flex On Pluzz Entertainment show to register his displeasure about a news article that had been reviewed about him on the show.

His beef? The panelists had compared his brand to that of Funny Face which he argued was a dent on his image and the growth of his brand as an artist.

According to him, the perception that the Chorkor series had been taken off air because of his inability to hold the forte as the lead character after the exit of Funny Face is one he was not happy with.

A later response from Aweele that he wouldn’t want to feature on Funny Face’s upcoming TV series, Cow and Chicken when he was asked by the host may have infuriated Funny Face to call into the programme to “deal” with him.

“Attuquaye, ( Aweele’s real name) humble yourself because arrogance and pride will take you nowhere. Besides, who are you to exhibit such arrogance. I will never call you to feature on my show because you are an ingrate,” Funny Face said on the show.


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