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Some Ways To Make Yourself Happy

Several people have become slaves to unhappiness when life itself is not meant for you to be sad.

So many things can be done to make unhappiness to become things of the past. Here are some tips from me to you:

1 . Love God:
The only true happiness comes from God. When you are sad maybe due to human errors or something else, God can turn the situation around which will definitely put smiles on your face.

Without the love of God in you unhappiness will be the order of the day.

2 . Love yourself :
The most important thing in life is to love oneself. Your face, figure, problems or what have you shouldn’t be making you unhappy when you have a living God that requires just your faith. No matter the situation you may find yourself just learn to love yourself by trusting your problems on God alone and carry on with your life. Pretend to be perfect in your imperfection because you are the only one that can make yourself happy. The way you appear to people is the way you will be accepted, appreciated or depreciated.

3 . Be focused:
When you are here and there at the same time you might be determining your unhappiness. When you know what you want and you go for it be it educationally, career wise etc then

happiness is not far from you. At times, you might not have what it takes to fulfil your desires. Your desire might not come as fast as you expected it but through hard work it will surely come to past. Don’t Kill two birds with a stone. Things should be done one after the other.

4 . Get ready to be disappointed:
One thing that is inevitable in human race is disappointment. The fact that human beings are not perfect being then you need to expect the “unexpectable”. Human being will promise and fail. Your best friend might betray you one way or the other. Someone very close to you might disappoint you. Be ready to be disappointed by those you love. You yourself might disappoint someone else unknowingly. The last time i checked, God was/is the only perfect being in the universe. Since you have this in mind you can never be sad when it happens because you are ready for it.

5 . Learn to forgive:
When you hold grudges against people due to the offense they have committed against you, you will never be happy because when you have anything to do with that same person you will never be happy dealing with the person. When you hold offense against people your conscience will never leave you until you release and let go of the grudge. Forgive even before you are offended is a huge secret to happiness.

6 . Learn to love again:
Many people are sad due to Heartbreak. You will not be happy because of the scar that has been left in you by the person you love. The only way to forget and be happy is to replace the one that has made you unhappy. There are so many good men and women out there waiting for you, don’t think everyone are the same. Let someone else remove the scar in you and be happy for life.

7 . Be useful to others:
Always remember you are not the only one in the world. If it was only you then life would have been miserable. Be helpful to others, give when its necessary to give and also help when its needed. When you put smiles on people’s face you will definitely be happy.

SOURCE: dailyviewgh.com


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