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Abuse of power in Bolgatanga nursing training college

The students of BNTC has accused the school principal of malfeasance in the management
of the institution.

In a letter dated 17th July, 2023 to the Ghana health service(GHS) and Nursing and Midwifery Council(NMC), the students states that, Students in this school are denied registration due to personal reasons by the principal and not by the council’s rules of which even tutors in the school are not in support. We understand the council has rules regarding students’ qualifications to be registered for
writing external examination.

One of which states that you should have a minimum CGPA of 1.5 or above or pass all your courses. In our case students who have a CGPA of even 2.0, 3.00 and above are not allowed to be registered because they have one D in their results.

These students are made to sit for yet another year, joining their junior colleagues and, studying the same number of courses again, paying same amount of fees, meanwhile should these students pass a C in that course but make a D in another course, they will still be denied registration. As if that is not enough the school has denied these students the opportunity to write re-sits to justify their qualification for registration.

A student who is not demoted but is not also allowed to be registered but yet will pay another year of school fees just to write one paper to be registered when this could have been organized for them to write. We also see this as a way of looting the students.

Also, we are chased and beaten by the principal with sticks, takes the law into his own hands and we are not pleased with this hence the intervention of Ghana health service and NMC.

The students are calling on to the Ghana health service and NMC to act in the best interest of the institution and the students to put an end to this wrongful acts of the principal.

Find the copy of the letter below

Story By Abraham Allotey Snr


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