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Samini Reacts to Shatta Wale’s Apology?

Samini hours after Shatta Wale dropped his apologetic letter online took to twitter to highlight his love for his mother.

The award winning act who seems to be still hurt with words Shatta used against his mother in November 2013 in his Sixth Letter to Samini song wrote;

“#BreakingNews ..Careful of the them.They will implicate and stigmatize you with Fabrications and lies in their own interest.#stayfar from them

“I love my mother.

“#mymother raised me to respect myself and everyone around me. “don’t insult da elderly no matter what”she told me.She also called me SPECIAL

“#mymother said to me “don’t mind dem, keep calm and watch dem fall like rain. They will surely drain for the sun to shine again. #MumsWords.”



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