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Blind mother of 4 considers suicide

A blind woman with four children is contemplating taking her own life and those of her children because she is embarrassed by her inability to cater for them.

Regina Mensah was expecting her fourth child when she fell and hit her head on her bed and has since not been unable to see.

“I woke up in the night to use the washroom but I didn’t know there was water on the floor so I slipped and hit my head at the bed post”, she said.

The man who impregnated her and is the father of her other three children abandoned her when she lost her sight.

Regina is only able to move around with the help of her nine-year-old son.

She says it has become extremely difficult for her to resume her sachet water business during the day and selling fried yam at night.

This burden, she believes neither she nor her children can bear and the only option is to end it all.

She revealed that at a point, she sent her son to buy poison so they could all take and die because she could no longer rely on her friends to feed her children.

Regina’s plight was first reported by Adom News when her landlady threatened to evict her from the house she occupied with her children.

The wish of her nine-year-old son is for her mum to see again so he can return to school.

“I used to go to school but because of my mother’s condition I’ve dropped out, I wish she could see so I can start school again”.


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