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Rising Star and a Business woman – Helena Sarfowaa

Ghana’s movie industry may not be as vibrant as our Nigerian counterparts but Ghana is indeed endowed with great potentials who are selling the country’s creativity outside.

One promising name that immediately shows up in the industry is rising star actress Helena Sarfowaa.

This is a young lady who got her start from the Akan language movies known as Kumawood. She is well loved for her natural command of the Twi language which has endeared her into hearts of many local movie lovers.

Though she is young, she is very confidence and have got a lot of great charisma.

Helena’s ambitions of making it across the borders of Ghana in the movie scene.
Helena is also a business woman who is into the fashion industry.

Helena Sarfowaa hopes to make it big, and also impact many lives as possible and says she is going to work hard towards it.


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