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Nana Kweku Ofori Atta Writes: Ghanaian Farmers Need Better Roads and good Transport System

Farmers in Ghana usually struggle extremely hard to enable them transport their products to the cities without ease due to poor transport and road networks due to the deplorable state of our roads leading to our rural areas.

Ghana is known for its agricultural products of goods products such as coffee beans , cocoa beans etc are known products from ghanaian which are processed into finial products for consumption in foreign countries.

If I may ask, would it be wrong for the government to partner with local entrepreneurs and contractors to invest massively into our rural roads with good transport system and good roads to enhance the development of trade within the nation?

This could also bring the economy back on track and motivate the unemployment-teeming youth to venture into farming.

Guess what?
If the government can make the road networks in our farming communities and the youth venture into farming there will be enough to export to other countries and make the cedi stable to rock shoulders with the dollars.

Look at a region like Ahafo Region, it has been blessed with lands purposefully for farming.
The government can engage investors within the region to construct the deplorable roads reading to the farming communities and also propose insightfully incentives for them


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