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Medical supplies: Ghana granted a 300 million dollar grant

Ghana has been granted a 300 million dollar grant by the Global Fund for medical supplies. President Mahama says the grant has come at an opportune time as the country’s health needs keep soaring.

There has been several efforts to replace destroyed medical stock following the inferno that razed the central medical stores in Tema.

The Global Fund has agreed to release a grant of 300million dollars for the acquisition of medical supplies.

The money will go into medical procurement and the supply of essential drugs, apart from supporting the health system, and strengthening community systems to be able to deliver quality interventions in the fight against Tuberculosis, malaria and HIV.

The Executive Director of the Global Fund, Dr. Mark Dybul, said his outfit is impressed with strides made by Ghana.

“Part of it is it’s actually a 25 million dollar incentive award that recognizes the great progress that has been made in malaria here; with an additional 25 million dollars that only few countries in the world receive. Ghana is on track and can be a country that will eliminate malaria with concerted and continued effort and that’s an extraordinary accomplishment”.

Country Representative of the WHO, Dr. Magna Robalo, indicated that the country’s successes were the result of the bold and visionary leadership and teamwork with development partners.

“Fewer children, women and men are dying of Aids, TB and malaria in Ghana. The results have changed and continues to change the demographics and the public health landscape in Ghana”.

President Mahama said the grant had come at an opportune time.
“We had our central medical stores burnt down to the ground. I think in every adversity there is an opportunity. It gives us the opportunity to improve the whole supply and value chain of drugs and it’s my hope that over the next few years we will work with our donor partners the Global Fund to see how we can improve the supply chain for pharmaceuticals both to make it more efficient and to get better value for money”.

President Mahama enumerated some successes on health delivery, assuring the funds would complement efforts by government.

“This funding is coming at a very timely moment and we are going to use it not only to scale up our work not only in Malaria but also in TB and consolidate the gains that we are making in the fight against HIV and Aids. So its ion pour interest to work on malaria because it will keep a productive population that can go to work. But aside that, we will reduce the pressure on the National Health Insurance Scheme because you notice that, by far the majority of payments that we make out of the scheme are for malaria”.

The Global Fund was created in 2002 to respond to calls for improved donor harmonization, increased country ownership and improved transparency and accountability in global health programming.

Source: tv3network.com


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