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Malnutrition cases in babies surge at Kumasi Children’s Hospital

The Kumasi Children’s Hospital is reporting increasing malnourishment in children at the facility.

About 250 children in critical condition are undergoing treatment, with fresh admissions coming in daily.

Officials however say mortality from conditions like kwashiorkor and severe malnutrition in babies of up to five years at the referral center has dropped in the last few months.

Hospital authorities blame the situation on nursing mothers and caretakers who adopt improper feeding habits for their babies, and also fail to seek early medical treatment.

Senior Nutrition Officer, Sandra Pomaa Asuming, in an interview with Luv Fm urged parents to change their attitude towards child welfare.

“We are being saddled with many cases both at the Out-Patient Department and the Ward almost daily. Most of the malnourished babies are in dire conditions but we are doing our best to save their lives, Madam Asuming said. “Going forward, parents will have to regularly consult Nutritionists on proper complementary feeding habits for their babies”.

She spoke during a visit by a team from NGO, Pregnancy Stress Foundation Ghana, to assess the nutritional state of babies at the hospital.

The Executive Director for the Foundation, Victoria Darko, asserts babies’ nutrition is line with their mission.

“PSF Ghana’s focus is on lifestyle, emotional and psychological stresses in pregnancy and promoting good nutrition is part of our core activities. We are considering establishing a Milling Centre that will produce locally-made organic foods to supplement government’s support to malnourished babies,” Mrs. Darko told Luv News.


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