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Kwaku Bonsam: I own twenty cars

Nana Kwaku Bonsam is certainly an intriguing traditional fetish priest who does not stay in a mud house with raffia roofs but rather lives a luxurious lifestyle and has a good taste of style and class.

NEWS-ONE visited Bonsam at his Sarpieman shrine on Monday and observed he had lined up several luxurious vehicles, all branded with his name, stickers and posters.

The paper first asked Bonsam why he bought the cars and what he uses them for.

“Yeah I love cars; I love big cars and I have them too, about twenty. But I did not buy all of them. Most of them are gifts from my clients and I also give out to people I love or want to surprise.

For example this one (a black Cadillac Escalade ESV) is a gift from a pastor client in Zimbabwe.

When they come down, they show me love. They are not like the Ghanaian pastors who wait till I chase them. Some even forget about me when their churches get the crowd they want.

The Range Rover is also a gift from another pastor from the same country. He paid for a smaller Range and I added some money to get the bigger one,” Bonsam explained with visible excitement in his eyes.

The traditional priest then engaged the paper in a lengthy lecture on why he thinks he is doing God’s work though he uses lesser gods.

“If I do something to make your church grow and you get the crowd and preach from the Bible to them and they become righteous, am I also not doing God’s work?

It is just like going on evangelism to invite people to church. I can say I have made more people go to church to listen to the word of God than some of the baby Christians who insult me and call me a devil.

Those who know me understand I am not the devil people say I am. They love me and if you stay a little longer, you would see me playing football with the area youth. We have a match today and I would play 7,” Bonsam added.

The paper observed the traditional priest has some of his deities and gods in a fully-tiled room fitted with air condition, a rather unusual place to find carved effigies of smaller gods.

Bonsam also had an ambulance he said he would turn into a “clinic on wheels” for the Sarpieman community.

Among the several cars on his compound were a Cadillac Escalade ESV, a Ford Excursion SUV, a Ford Super Duty F-250 XLT, a Chrysler 300 C and several others.

Bonsam said his Akumada-Afrancho residence in the Ashanti Region has more vehicles than the one in Accra.

Source: Dailyguideghana


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