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King Oyanka’s Kingdom Regulated Multichain Token Goes Global As Listed On Binance & Ethereum

King Oyanka brings heat to the DEX and DEFi Global Trading Communities with multichain token and DEX: UBECU-LP Token and UBECUSWAP DEX.

“Within one month, Nii Adama Djata,  The Chief Business Development  and Financial Director of the Kingdom’s Royal Council locks in 1.9M in liquidity behind WETH/UBEC-LP pair on Ethereum Chain in the Uniswap V3 DEX.”  Ubec-lp is connected to every major blockchain.

The UBEC-LP is the first open market token regulated by Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka (King Oyanka) and the Kingdom’s Royal traditional Councils (Anamase Royal Alliance Council And Abola Piam Tunma We Royal Council )Territories where the UBECU (Universal Barter Exchange Credit Union) and other sites within the ECFX Ecosystem have been relocated to further enhance the financial capabilities that can be offered to members.

UBEC-LP is a token that acts as an encrypted vault containing specified portions of a UBECU member’s account credit balance and assets.

Because of this capability, the coin has two values, an intrinsic value, which is based on the contents that the holder has decided to deposit into the UBEC container, and a shell value, which is the value that can be seen on the DEX exchanges based on the speculative value of what the UBEC container shell would cost if swapped for various digital tokens.

These available pairs usually consist of liquid tokens (WBTC, BTC, BNB, ETH, WETH, etc.) or tokens that are house tokens for a specific token exchange (CAKE, BISWAP, UNI,1inch, UNI, ANY, etc.).

The shell value of the UBEC-LP is the host coin for airobotcryptobank.com (UBECU) Universal Asset Exchange with UBECUSWAP which acts as a container that has a shell value reinforced by a network of over 300 private cryptos, 100’s of historical instrument holdings, 13,000 automated trading software bots that are currently being used to manage 10 institutional forex accounts, 2 custom forex platforms, automated crypto data platform, crypto casino, 3 global barter exchanges, and it’s own token DEX called “UBECUSWAP”.


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