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Ckword Partners With KAM Africa To Provide Monetisation And Brand Development For Content Creators

Ckrowd and Africa’s top creators’ management company, KAM Africa to provide exclusive content monetisation for social media influencers 

31 May 2022, London, UK:  Ckrowd, Africa’s most preferred and premium content streaming platform, has reached an agreement and will partner with KAM Africa, one of Africa’s most renowned brand and management agency, to provide Live and OnDemand content monetisation opportunities for top talent at KAM. This agreement will see social media influencers under the KAM Africa’s management to be included within Ckrowd as early adopters, building superfan communities on the platform, serving their audiences with exclusive access to these creators live and OnDemand content, which will be published and distributed solely on and through Ckrowd. KAM Africa’s strong clientele, which features some of the top social media talent in Nigeria and Africa, which include a number of prominent TikTokers such as @simplypeace, @iamperryblink and @sheisprincess. These influencers and the other top influencers managed by KAM Africa all have an average of 15 million followers among them, with a large market reach across Africa, North America, Europe and Asia.  
This new strategic partnership will have Ckrowd providing influencers across Africa and the Diaspora with strategies and digital marketing content tools to reach their paying audiences.
Social media influencers have often lamented that despite large numbers of followers, it is somewhat challenging to drive any direct business-to-consumer monetisation activation, and instead they need to consider other offline revenue options, including sponsorships. To address this challenge, Ckrowd will offer them an immediate B2C approach for content monetisation, offering creators the possibility to own their own digital TV spaces through the Ckrowd platform. In addition, through this agreement content will be curated and distributed uniquely and exclusively, and it can be accessed by the influencers’ SUPERFANS for a minimal fee, either via subscriptions, pay-per-view, donations, or rental models. This will provide consistent streams of revenues to digital creators, engaging experiences with their online communities, whilst leveraging Ckrowd’s innovative technologies and tools. 

This joint venture between Ckrowd and KAM Africa will allow social media influencers to own their own exclusive Digital TV channels, connect with their respective fanbases and decide their own access price or prices for sharing unique content experiences.

In return, fans will have closer access to their favourite creators, while creators can also rely on their own ‘tribe’ of supporters to commercially support their efforts in steadily creating exclusive live & OnDemand content for them. It will also provide new employment opportunities for those who understand the crucial role played by the creative economy, positioning culture, originality, and authenticity at the heart of content creation.  
As a business, KAM Africa, which operates under the KAM Africa Group umbrella, provides its clients and talent with strategic branding opportunities, comprising traditional and digital brand activations.

These activations will include production around TV, films, product campaigns, speaking engagements and other form of self-expressions and creativity that need visual representation.  
“We are thrilled about this strategic partnership with KAM Africa. This continues to fulfil the reasons we developed this technology.

Our goal is to onboard independent producers in TV, film and social media influencers, who are often overlooked as not considered commercially viable for video streaming platform usage. We are excited at the way in which Ckrowd technology will be used to form unique creator and superfans relationship, which will be unique in the kind of interactions produced and also rewarding both parties” stated Kayode Adebayo, CEO and founder of Ckrowd.    

About Ckrowd 

Ckrowd (Pronounced as crowd) distributes African Content in information, education, and entertainment to a global audience in short video and live-stream format. It has been created to solve the problem of poor revenue for African and Afro-Diaspora content creators by allowing to profit from revenue opportunities on the platform, while also providing an online portal where original, exclusive varieties of African content are well organized, can be accessed with ease and consumed as on demand short videos and live series.



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