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Implement security laws and policies

Make the Ghanaian security services policies and laws more attractive and extremely beneficial enough to enable our able men and women who submit themselves willing annually through an application to service the country by making sure that, policies that bind the institutions are properly established by an endorsement from parliament through an adequate decision making to be passed as a law (bill) to secure the future of our fellow citizens who have the passion to render their little services to the people and the nation at large and also to ensure the country territorials, borders, cities, communities, roads and streets are protected with peace, order and preservation with all submissiveness by making sure each personnel stand to gain the opportunity to own a house through the affordable houses projects as a public servant.

Again, I believe the chairmanship of the police council need not be given to the vice president-elect by the president-elect to chair the councils’ meetings though the interior spearhead most of its activities.

I am of the view that we could have allowed the institution to elect its commissioners who are due for the position of IGP due to the nature of their job: by so doing, you are halfway solving the crises of corruption presumed within the system which render the whole institutions name to disrepute.

Most officers retire with nothing, hence turning their burdens on their families, is either they apply as security men in private Security companies with the same country they served.

Let’s not forget that ex-president kuffour did very well by bringing the policy of affordable housing project, which government upon government abandoned to destroy.

Why not turn it into good use for our security personnel who have poor accommodation facilities in the various barracks across Ghana. In modern times, people are sharing washrooms with more than two(2) families which is unhealthy.

The abandoned affordable housing project could have been made available for security personnel to purchase as at least reward by serving their nation?

I believe Ghana is heading in the right direction looking at the change of mindsets coming through the youth.

Ghana will proper by his Grace.

The writer is the Chief Executive Officer of Avcontech Security Consult

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta


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