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I’m Ghana’s top diva – Nana Yaa

All the female singers in Ghana move over because the real diva is coming out big time.

Although musician Nana Yaa has yet to release an album since she began her music career in 1994, the singer says no female musician can match her for quality.

The mother of two maintains the other top-rated female musicians are trying their best but none comes close to her so far as singing is concerned.

The talented Nana Yaa who wowed the nation with her silky voice as a youngster  has thrown a challenge that she is ready to take her rightful place on the throne with the release of her first album later this year.

“I am not blowing my own horn but the records are there to show for it. Nana Yaa is one fantastic singer and everyone can attest to it. I have no competitor in this business,” Nana Yaa told Showbiz in an interview.

She touts her uniqueness and originality in style as qualities that make her stand out among her peers, adding that it saddens her whenever she sees some Ghanaian female artistes trying to sound like foreign artistes.

As the daughter of Ghanaian music greats, Pat Thomas and Lola Everette, Nana Yaa was tipped to walk into the shoes of her parents and take the music industry by storm.

However, her failure to take advantage of her amazing voice to make it big as once predicted by industry watchers remains one of her biggest career disappointments.

“I have heard people say they are disappointed in me because I should have been big by now. Truth be told, I am more disappointed in myself than everyone else because I have delayed in making it big,” added Nana Yaa, who is planning a big comeback.

Talking about why she has not really hit it big since she started her music career, Nana Yaa said she relied on too many people who disappointed her at the end.

Explaining further, she said her late former manager, Jonathan Opoku, popularly known as John K, wanted the best for her and instead of promoting her in Ghana was rather busy pushing her in the United Kingdom.

Despite her disappointment, Nana Yaa says she is always amazed at the good comments people pass about her anytime she mounts the stage to perform.

To prove a point that she is in to position herself as the best female singer, Nana Yaa who has worked with the likes of Sonnie Badu, Osibisa, Rex Omar, Okyeame Kwame, Tagoe Sisters, Becca, among others, said she was ready with five singles E Go Be, Lon Lon, Handkerchief, Kyere Me, and Nesirie which she intends releasing soon.

“This is not the first time I have stated that I am taking over but it is this year or never. I have waited for far too long and I promise my many fans that this year is my year,” Nana Yaa said.

Real name, Nana Yaa Mensah, she said her greatest desire when growing up was to have a wonderful family and be a great musician.

According to her, she has fulfilled one dream thus having a wonderful family and believes she will make it big this year.


Source: Graphic Online


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