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I cry when I’m alone – Amanda Jissih

GH One presenter Amanda Jissih seems to be in trouble. The TV presenter on her Facebook page explained the sorrows she goes through when she is alone.

The E-Talk entertainment show host last Saturday shared some of the bad times she has been through over the past few months.

Amanda narrated that she has been in a relationship with “pain,sadness,bitterness for far too long. You wont understand this at all. I quit always but they keep kneeling for me.”

She however clarified that the said relationship she is complaining about is not with a man but life and the experiences that come with it.

“This is not a man. This life experiences in general. I want to date joy and happiness. The smiles and laughter are all for TV and fans. The real me deal is when am left alone.”


Source: Graphic Online


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