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Faidhatu Tijaniyya Ibrahimiyya Council of Ghana Donates Books To University of Ghana Balme Library

In pursuance of the lagacy of Late Sheikh Salis Shaban a delegation led by Sheikh Ibrahim AbulFaid Shaban, the Author,Alhaji Abdulsalam Mohammed Daaru (Executive Secretary of Faidhatu Tijaniyya Ibrahimiyya Council of Ghana), Mohammed Ma’mun Ali (P.R.O of FTIC-GH) and Issa Fiankor (freelancer) visited the University of Ghana Balme Library to make a donation of Fifteen (15)copies of the book ‘’The Second of The Two” (Thani Ithnayn)to be shelved in the Arabic and African History Section of the library .

“ The Second of the Two” is a biographical, historical and invigorative book that highlights the unique contributions and close relationship of two past great Muslim leaders; Sheikh Ibrahim Niass, Baye Niass, renowned global Muslim leader (1900-1975) and Sheikh Salis Shaban (1933-2021) , Baye Niass’s closest companion and spiritual representative for Ghana, Togo and Benin.

A key highlight of the book is the unique spiritual role of the two leaders towards sociopolitical development in Ghana and Africa particularly their spiritual intervention for the construction of Akosombo Dam and the Formation of Organization of African Union , now African Union.

Alhaji Abdulsalam Mohammed , The Author, stated that “the objective is to deepen research, and aid in preservation of oral history and academic excellence, and there is no better place than in the centers of knowledge. We are therefore happy to begin the series of donation with University of Ghana Balme Library, which is one of biggest and most important reference Library in Africa”

Receiving the books on behalf of the University Librarian, Dr. Antonia Appiah, the Research Librarian, expressed immense appreciation to the Council and the Author Alhaji Abdulsalam Daaru for the donation.

She noted that it was expedient for University faculty, staff and other researchers to always deposit complimentary copies of books they author or edit at the Balme Library. These books, according to Dr. Appiah, serves as substantial reference materials for current and future students of the University.


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