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The Library of USA Congress retains Biography of Sheikh Salis Shaban as a reference material via Nairobi Office

On 27th January, 2022 which marked the birthday of Maulana Sheikh Mohammed Salis Shaban, The Faidhatu Tijaniyya Ibrahimiyya Council of Ghana led by Sheikh Ibrahim Abal-Faid Shaban donated copies of the Book “ The Second of the Two” a biographical, historical and invigorative book that showcase the close relationship between Sheikh Ibrahim Niass and Sheikh Salis Shaban ,his closest companion and spiritual representative for Ghana, Togo and Benin.

Alhaji Abdulsalam Mohammed , The Author of the Book, who doubles as the Executive Secretary of the stated council highlighted the unique spiritual role of the two leaders towards sociopolitical development in Ghana and Africa particularly their spiritual intervention for the construction of Akosombo Dam and the Formation of Organization of African Union , now African Union.

Thrilled by the presentation, A Bibliographic representative for Ghana of the Library of Congress , Madam Emelia Agyei who was present at the short presentation expressed interest in the deep insights of the stories and requested a signed copy from the Author for the Library of Congress.

Subsequently the Library Congress -Nairobi office has officially written to the Author to acknowledge receipt of the material and assured of its permanent retention as reference material for the USA Library of Congress.

The letter signed by William Kopycki, the Field Director stated ‘’ Thank you kindly for the materials your organization has donated to the Library of Congress . We appreciate your generosity and assure you that it will be considered for permanent retention’’

Library of Congress -Nairobi is an office for the USA Congress Library that collects relevant materials of research Library, process and ship to the USA. Publications are acquired not only for the Library of Congress, but also for more than 30 institutions that participate in the Cooperative Acquisitions Program. Participants are primarily U.S. university libraries.


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