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Does Ghana Have Trusted Centralized Database?

What are the credibility and protective security measures of our centralised electoral college system database which is been used annually in collation and collection of votes being transferred from constituencies to our national electoral commission centre after citizens have exercised their legitimate franchise as good citizens of Ghana? If I may ask, does Ghana owns its centralised database network/ system?

If yes who manages it?.

And under whose care is annually upgraded? It seems almost all our governmental institutions depend on this unknown database system to enable them to run their day to day duties effectively to Ghanaians.
1. Ghana immigration service
2. Ghana registrar-general
3. Ghana electoral commission
4. Birth and death certificates
To mention these few.

Most at times officers who are in charge of these institutions give excuses to citizens who applied within the frame of time given for certain certification to be issued for them for their personal use either for travelling( Passports), driving License, company registration certificates, birth certificates which are supposed to be an ordinary requirement for every citizen to acquire becomes a problem all in the name of either the machines not working or network interrupted.

Making citizens join long queues for days and even weeks before getting their documents. Let’s not forget that, if truly Ghana hasn’t gotten its own centralised database systems and software for upgrades.

Then am afraid to say that Ghana is not under any secured security protection even when it comes to the transfer of funds from Ghana to another country not to talk of the new E levy policy introduced by the government recently which has become a national issue in parliament.

If it is so, then am not surprised to see IMF controlling Ghanaians economy under their own terms and conditions.

Must the Ghanaian government keep borrowing from IMF upon all our natural resources? What happened to the sale of Ghana telecom, was there any auditors general report on that?.

What about the sale of Ghana airways, was there any auditors general report written and made publicly? I believe there is a whole IT institution built in Ghana to train young citizens to become IT experts and software developers which government can create employment to use them build a well equipped structured centralised database systems and software for the country.

The writer is the CEO of Avcontech Security Consult

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta


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