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Bath herbs to save your life – Black Sherif told after old lady in funeral cloth throws herself on him

Celebrated Ghanaian musician Black Sherif has advised to bath some herbs after an old lady threw herself on him at an event.

In a video that has surfaced on social media, an unidentified old lady flew into the arms of Black Sherif whilst the musician was at a program.

Black Sherif was caught unawares as he was busy on his phone fidgeting.

Before he realised, an old lady was on his laps singing praises to him, obviously because he is now the biggest artiste in Ghana and also the one trending.

The video is currently causing a stir as fans react and share their opinions about it.

Black Sherif has been advised to use some herbs and bath off any bad luck the old lady might have imparted to him as she was in a funeral cloth.

Others also see nothing wrong with the incident because they believe the old lady rather showed pure love!

Watch the video below;



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