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Actions of Team Duffuor Now Would Portray Their kids as Enemies Tomorrow – Benjamin Quashie

Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie, South African National Democratic Congress Council of Elders Chairman has cautioned team Duffuor members to be careful with their actions today since it can affect their generations tomorrow.

He described their actions as premeditated. 

“It is premeditated because before the court injunction was served on the party, it was available on social media and some NPP stalwarts had already preempted the actions of Team Duffuor regarding the court processes”, he noted. 

According to him, the court actions of Team Duffuor would not augur well for their kith and kin who might aspire for future positions within the NDC.

Speaking on CTV on Friday, 12th May, 2023, he averred, “The actions of the Rojo Mettle Nunoos, the Duffuor’s, the Kukubors… tomorrow their children may join NDC and people would be tagging them as enemies because of the actions of their parents”, he stated.

For example, the son of Rojo Mettle Nunoo is part of the of the Greater Accra Region Campaign Team for John Mahama. “Do you know how people lambast that boy? But, that boy is a brilliant communicator”, he said.

“With the actions of the father, tomorrow someone can raise that… the boy’s father is a traitor and that can affect the guy for no fault of his. The sins of the fathers are going to be put on the sons”, SA Council Chair echoed his point.

He added that the Duffuor camp are not being truthful to themselves and not being truthful to the man who, in his view, has occasioned all these court processes which were very needless to begin with. 

Mr. Benjamin Quashie recounts a situation where, being part of John Mahama’s team, they got to Sekyere Afram Plains where the son of Dr. Duffuor was contesting. They had seen a lot of things on social media and wanted to ascertain things for themselves. 

“We got down and walked through the town to verify whether Dr. Duffuor’s son had a poster with his father or that of Prez Mahama. We never saw a single poster of Dr. Duffuor and his son anywhere in the town. It was Duffuor’s son and John Mahama”, he stressed.

“So even in your own home, you’ve lost one vote and you want to tell us that you’ve not seen the signs on the wall? And you want to tell us that you would rather not come together to ensure one collective effort towards victory?”, he quizzed. 



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