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10 years on; Yvonne Nelson pays tribute to Suzzy Williams

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has paid tribute to the memory of late actress, Suzzy Williams, who died at a time when she was making her name in the Ghanaian movie industry.
September 8 marked exactly 10 years when the late Suzzy, then 23, lost her life in a road accident in Accra.

And like many other Ghanaian showbiz personalities who have lost their lives over the years, little has been heard about or done in memory of Suzzy Williams by players in the industry notwithstanding that her contribution helped whip up people’s interest in Ghanaian movies at the time.

In what could be described as a touching tribute to Ms. Williams, Yvonne Nelson has promised to lead a campaign to talk about her. “The industry hardly talks about you but I promise I’ll do that from today,” she said in a post on her Instagram page.

Read the full tribute as wrote by Yvonne Nelson on her Instagram page.

“We never met but I used to admire your works from a distance and I still do.
You were beautiful, glowing and loved. Little did we know you were going to leave us that soon.

We loved you but we didn’t have the power to make you stay.
Indeed, if a thousand words and a thousand tears could bring you back, we would have done that by now.

I have always imagined how things would have been if you were still here Suzzy, But God knows best,We will forever miss u.

Rest In Peace Suzzy Williams. The industry hardly talks about you, but I promise I’ll do that from today. I know you are in heaven. R.I.P #10years”


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