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Yvonne Nelson Fights Journalist, This Is What Caused The War

Actress Yvonne Nelson lost cool last Friday at a press conference organized at the African Regent Hotel in Accra. At the programme organized by Kafui Danku’s ABC Pictures to launch their upcoming movie “Any Other Monday”, the actress lost control of herself and attacked a journalist who shared his opinion on a conduct she put up at the press conference.

This is how it all happened at the African Regent Hotel in Accra last Friday, a Zionfelix.com report. Nigerian-born Ghanaian-based blogger Chuks Ineh asked Kunle Remi, a Nigerian actor who is among the cast of the new movie “Any Other Monday” if he has a working permit to work in Ghana. Director of the movie, Pascal Amanfo did not want the Nigerian actor to answer but Kunle Remi insisted he had an answer to the question.

Kunle’s answer was that he has been working in South Africa and other parts of the continent without working permit and since Ghana is also an African country, there was no need in getting a permit before working here. Right after his answer, Pascal Amanfo added a lengthy explanation to the actor’s reason saying that the problem which existed between Nigerian and Ghanaian movie makers concerning working permit has been solved and any Ghanaian or Nigerian actor can work in each other’s country without the said permit.

Kafui Danku, producer of the new movie “Any Other Monday” also added that she talked to FIPAG president, Mr. Asare Hackman earlier this year and she was informed that the problem of getting working permit in Ghana or Nigeria before shooting a movie has been solved so any actor can work in Ghana without the permit.

Yvonne Nelson who was not happy about Chuks’ question to the Nigerian actor also had something to say. When allowed to talk, she asked Chuks what his intention for asking the question was. She continued to ask if he asked the question to “corner” the Nigerian actor. These comments by Yvonne Nelson did not go down well with another Nigerian-born Ghanaian-based journalist Adeyemi Victor who was at press conference. Right after Yvonne Nelson’s comments, Adeyemi also took the microphone to question the actress on her comments about the answer she gave his Nigerian brother, Chuks for the question he asked the Nigerian actor, Kunle Remi.

According to Adeyemi Victor, Chuks Ineh asked the question because it became a topical issue both in Ghana and Nigeria so he sees no reason why Yvonne Nelson should accuse the journalist of asking the question with bad intention. He added that he finds it worrying Yvonne Nelson got angry over a question which was not directed at her. This word by Victor Adeyemi was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

MC for the show, Kafui Danku and Pascal Amanfo did not want Yvonne Nelson to talk because it was clear that the “Single, Married and Complicated” actress was angry but she insisted that since her name was mentioned, she needed to talk. When Yvonne Nelson was given the microphone, she started calling Adeyemi Victor names. Yvonne Nelson said Adeyemi Victor hates her because he has written many bad stories about herself and her movies.

After Yvonne Nelson had finished “dealing” with Adeyemi Victor, it did not just ended. She continued talking whilst the programme was ongoing. Jose Tolbert, Pascal Amanfo, Kafui Danku and other people tried to calm her down but it seems she was really on heat and she was no cooling down within the next minutes.

After the programme ended, Yvonne Nelson started her screaming telling Ghanaian journalists to support their own instead of writing bad stories about them because a lot of money goes into their movies.


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