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Yinka Ayefele Delivers A Groundbreaking World Digital Tour In Partnership With Ckrowd

Nigerian Music Superstar and Cultural Icon Yinka Ayefele celebrates his career 25th anniversary and dazzles audiences and fans with a stellar performance on his first’s world digital tour with innovative tech platform, Ckrowd. 
28 September 2022, London, UK:  Ckrowd, Africa’s most preferred and premium content streaming platform, hosted the Digital Music World Tour for Nigerian superstar, producer, singer and music entrepreneur, Yinka Ayefele. The event took place over the weekend and saw thousands of fans and superfans from different parts of the world, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, France, Germany, Spain, USA, Singapore, China, Nordic countries, and also across the African continent, where the iconic superstar has a vast number of supporters.  
Following a serious accident that left him paralysed, Yinka Ayefele has succeeded against all odds and carved himself a stellar and long-lasting career that has been recently celebrated by a plethora of young and veteran artists, including Davido. To mark the 25th anniversary from the accident, Mr. Ayefele planned to stage a live concert, but due to the large reach of its fandom, he did not want to exclude anyone. He then decided to partner with technological platform, Ckrowd.com, to enable all his fans to experience his concerts and be part of this celebration of his 25 years career.  
The Digital Music World Tour featured renowned comedian Woli Agba, whose jokes and sketches have made him staple name amongst many. Yinka Ayefele stated that this tour has expanded his fan base further and added different generations to his usually older-based audience. This immersive event has also helped Yinka Ayefele to connect with a new generation of fans, who is conversant with new technologies and opened to a portal where millions across the Diaspora and the Continent are bound together by the love of great music and are happy to share and proudly cherish their cultural heritage.  
“ I observed that in recent times. Whenever I go to perform at weddings, the parents of the couple are the ones who are fans of Yinka Ayefele, the couple and other youths are more inclined to hip hop and Afrobeats. I have tried singing hip hop, but it did not appeal to them much. My aim now is to promote myself through the Tungba music that I am known for, the way Fela was Afrobeats and was well known for it. I want this generation to know Tungba, Alujo, heavy percussive music through Yinka Ayefele. I have been singing before many of the youths were born. I want to introduce them to my music, by all means. I want them to know what Yinka Ayefele does and what he stands for, and why their parents prefer to invite me for their functions. Ckrowd has the digital platform to help me achieve that” said Yinka Ayefele.  
Woli Agba continued: “It is quite an honour gracing the stage for an icon like Dr Yinka Ayefele. It is quite a task being saddled with the responsibility of engaging his global audience and entertaining them through www.ckrowd.com. His unique music style has set a standard. He has also curated a special taste in music among his fans, which would be difficult to match, but when Dr Ayefele calls, you answer. I believe his local and Diaspora audience will enjoy themselves immensely because he is excited about using new media like Ckrowd.com to reach them and continuously give them the best.” 
Kayode Adebayo said: “Collaborating with such a maverick has been a dream and a privilege. Furthermore, it demonstrates how technology can help to revolutionise the music and entertainment world. Major sponsors and other stakeholders have been able to capitalise on Ckrowd’s technology and unique talent interactions like this one with Dr Yinka Ayefele. Through events like this, sponsors products and services receive a broader reach, with great potentials for attracting geographically diverse customers’ from among attendees. Sponsors and Advertisers have their doors opened to relationships with new potential customers nationally and internationally. Ckrowd intends to innovate and add value to the economics of the entire content creation, entertainment, music and events ecosystem” leveraging our video monetization technology. 
Ckrowd and Yinka Ayefele have also confirmed that the proceeds from the World Digital Tour will be handed to one of the superstar’s superfan. A visually impaired DJ, Mr Sodiq Ettu, who has confirmed that this event has inspired him to never give up, produce great and quality work to remind people that creativity is an incredible tool and that technology can further amplify it.  
Ckrowd’s mission is to improve the live event and concert-going experience for both fans and artists alike, which begins by delivering a superior streaming and live entertainment experience between talents and their loyal fan base. The fan experience is unique, as Ckrowd.com offers the opportunity to connect Superfans with their Favourite Talents (Artistes, Comedians, Influencers, Experts etc) and create their own “Digital Fan Community” or Communities on the Ckrowd platform. Additionally, ticket prices are completely transparent without any hidden fees. Artists also have access to audience analytics, via the Ckrowd platform, with ticketing information shared in real time.  
Ckrowd continues to drive the cultural conversation and support artists, digital creators by providing them with a communal, interactive moments, allowing the latter to have creative control, monetise their music and/or content through innovative technology that can reach millions.  
About Ckrowd
Ckrowd (Pronounced as crowd) distributes African Content in information, education, and entertainment to a global audience in short video and live-stream format. It has been created to solve the problem of poor revenue for African and Afro-Diaspora content creators by allowing to profit from revenue opportunities on the platform, while also providing an online portal where original, exclusive varieties of African content are well organized, can be accessed with ease and consumed as on demand short videos and live series. 


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