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Why I am against the doctors strike – KSM writes

My position on the the strike has been firm. I am against it. Of course it has come with a price. Descriptions like, “ignorant comedian” are among the very charitable statements that have come out.

It is true though, I may be ignorant of the history of the doctor’s grievances and so that can make “simple-minded” and “naive” people like me take a stand against the doctors strike. APOLOGIES.

But here is the thing folks. I am not against the strike because I don’t think they have a cause. That would be foolish of me. Let me state here and now that I do AGREE 100% with their cause. Everyone is entitled to CONDITIONS OF SERVICE. I am however unapologetically against the strike METHOD.

I have a lot of RESPECT AND EVEN REVERENCE for doctors. It is not an exaggeration to say I worship them. On two occasions, I was near death and it took doctors to SAVE MY LIFE. The first time was in Korle Bu in 1974. The doctor said I was admitted about 12 hours earlier! Dr. Konotey Ahulu saved me from a near death situation in a horrible sickle cell crisis. The next one was Brooklyn where after a severe allergy my vital organs were shutting down, I was rushed to the Coney Island hospital doctors, saved me.That is the role of doctors FOR WHICH WE “WORSHIP” them. On many occasions they save lives! That is why everyone respects them. I am happy that my daughter is in Medical school training to be one.

It is for this same reason that I am against their strike. Please note, I am not against the REASONS for striking, I AM TOTALLY AGAINST THE METHOD. I think it is the height of HUMAN CRUELTY to sacrifice innocent lives for ANY REASON. I am sorry.

Listen folks, it is not easy to become a doctor, it is a very difficult path, AND TRUST ME when i say from the bottom of my heart that I respect them. But that is the more reason I believe that if they put their heads to it and really think, they are intelligent enough to think of several ways of getting the point across WITHOUT SACRIFICING HUMAN LIFE! That is my problem with this strike method. Call me ignorant and naive, but for Gods sake, you only have one life. It is precious and sacred. Yes no one will live forever but certain deaths with the help of DOCTORS ARE PREVENTABLE.

SACRIFICING INNOCENT HUMAN LIVES in pursuit of what you deserve GOES AGAINST THE VERY GRAIN OF EVERYTHING DOCTORS TRAIN FOR. It is the most easy and perhaps the most effective weapon, but my dear friends it is also the most cruel. I know there are many doctors, who feel the pain but think it is the best option. IT IS NOT THE BEST. IT IS THE EASIEST OPTION.

What options are open? I trust that THE DOCTORS have more intelligent and reasonable people than me who can come up with brilliant solutions much better that abandoning their posts and leaving the poor people who cannot afford private clinics to die. That is a VERY EASY BUT EXPENSIVE WAY!

There are other ways and methods to state your case more effectively than this. For what it is worth, I have a few ideas myself but that is for another forum if the need arises.

To conclude, I am not AGAINST what they are STRIKING FOR, I AM TOTALLY AGAINST their METHOD. Call me old school, but I belong to the age, where SAVING LIVES what a passion for Doctors. I belong to that old school age, where NO DOCTOR WOULD EVER ABANDON A PATIENT. I guess, things have changed. If some POLITICIANS CAN LIE, and some PASTORS can deceive why can’t DOCTORS ABANDON patients.



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