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“We Killed the Movie Industry” -Vicky Zugah

Your authoritative entertainment newspaper Flex newspaper caught up with one of the prettiest faces on our screens Vicky Zugah who has a different view on what is contributing to the low production and poor quality of our movies.

According to her, stake holders or players in the film industry have contributed greatly in the killing of the movie industry. She said producers don’t want to spend more to get quality production. They hire cheap labor and logistics which do not bring out the best in the movie they put on the market.

“Producers release too many movies in a year rather than spending huge amount of money to produce one or two quality movies in a year and focus on promotion and sales,” she said.

Vicky said in the case of the Kumawood producers, they prefer to make a movie from part one to ten without putting the standards and quality into consideration. What matters to them is being in the game as a producer but not what they put on the market.

Another concern she raised was about the fact that Ghanaians are quick to judge and to condemn what is made in Ghana but are very good to embrace any foreign content.

“Ghanaians will hail and embrace any movie from outside which is of the same quality as any other Ghanaian movie but will lambast Ghanaian producers of the same movie,” she added. In conclusion, she added that all movie makers should be united and push the movie industry to the world.



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