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We don’t need Perseus Mining in Breman —Cocoa Farmers Charge

There is rising tension between residents of Breman in the Central Region, and Perseus Mining (Ghana) Limited (PMGL), a mining company operating in the town.

The worrying development follows ongoing drilling and exploration activities by PMGL, in collaboration with Adio-Mabas Ghana Limited, in the town respect of prospecting for gold.

It is understand that the ongoing exploration and drilling activities of PMGL which have become a bone of contention between the farmers of Breman and the mining company started in 2021.

A media team, which monitored activities in the area recently, observed that though the company now freely allows farmers to their farmers, the mining company’s continuous drilling and exploration activities were causing damage to farms of farmers who contended they have signed no agreement with the company.

But these activities by the mining company, according to the residents of Breman, many of whom are cocoa farmers, were having adverse effects not only on their cocoa farms but their health as well.

Consequently, the farmers vowed that they will fight tooth and nail and equally use every legitimate tool at their disposal to drive Perseus Mining away from Breman.

Elder Daniel Teye, a cocoa farmer in the town, who spoke on behalf of the Chief Farmer of the area, Emmanuel Boampong, underscored that “our simple message is that we don’t need Perseus Mining in Breman.”!

He said this against the backdrop of wanton dissipation of almost half of Breman lands by some Chinese miners whose mining operations spanned from 2011-2016.

“The devastation caused by the Chinese miners include several pits, polluted water bodies, destruction of peoples’ farm lands, skin diseases among others of which today we and our children and generations yet to be born are bearing and will bear the brunt,” he lamented.

According to Elder Teye, they are content with their farming activities which enable them to fend for their families, stating that they will never sell their lands for any amount of money.

He went on to state that the argument often used by the company that fallow lands were theirs was flawed!

“How can the mining company be going round making the argument that lands which are fallow were part of their concession?

For their information, all those fallow or whatever lands they see have owners,” he stressed.

In the wake of what is happening, Elder Teye indicated that they have petitioned influential people in the area including the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), the District Chief Executive (DCE) and many others about their plight, but all to no avail.

Meanwhile a snap visit to the Chinese mined area showed scores of created pits, destruction of farm lands and desecration of a public cemetery—all of which are very close to the chief’s palace and the Breman Anglican Primary School.

The farmers also complained that many of Perseus Mining’s exploration and drilling works were being done right in the middle of their farm lands which are not part of the so-called concession of PMGL.

A cocoa farmer, Afia Fobih, angrily said: “they created a road right through my cocoa farm after which they drilled right in the middle of my farm. And when I asked why they did that the company told me my land was part of their concession.”

The farmers also accused the workers of both the mining company and Adio-Mabas Ghana Ltd., of trampling on their rights anytime they complained the two companies were trespassing their properties, an allegation which the company has severally debunked in various media interviews.

They, therefore, vowed to ensure that they safeguard the lands that have been bequeathed to them by their forebears.


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