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We don’t care what people say, we share peacefully – Twin brothers married to one wife say

A woman from Rwanda, Marie Josiane has gained prominence on the internet after she married two brothers who are identical twins.

The young lady revealed in the documentary seen below that she started going out first with the eldest twin and even had no idea that he has a brother, a twin for that matter and had never seen them together.

However, fate brought them together when she mistakenly hugged and kissed the other brother thinking it was her boyfriend.

The second twin then fell for her, but when they all realized what had happened, they chose to happily be in a polyandrous relationship. The woman also revealed that hate or envy does not exist between the two brothers due to the fact that they are both married to one woman.

The twins said in the video below that they get a lot of negative vibes from people around them but it doesn’t bother them as their supersedes everything.

By: Dailyviewgh.com


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