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Vlisco Ghana Will Continue To Support Women & Youth – Ms. Deborah Sowah

Vlisco Ghana Will Continue To Support Women & Youth – Ms. Deborah Sowah 

The Brand Marketing Manager of Vlisco in Ghana, Ms. Deborah Sowah has noted that her outfit will continue to support women and youth in the fashion industry through the Vlisco Fashion Fund.

Ms. Sowah in an interview disclosed that the Vlisco Fashion Fund received over 47 applicants in Ghana. She added that Vlisco finds it important to empower talented fashion designers and tailors who need training in business administration, exposure, and funding from the Vlisco Fashion Fund.

“At Vlisco, we’ve sought to do this through our Vlisco Fashion Fund, supporting emerging designers and tailors in the process of establishing their careers in the fashion industry. The fashion fund helps participants by sharing knowledge, expertise, access to an expanded network and more”.

She added that importance of such mentorship schemes cannot be overstated. Some fashion designers are creative but may struggle with the practicalities of running a business, such as marketing, accounting, website development and more. Others may want more guidance on fashion techniques such as corsetry, embroidery and alternative skills. Regardless of which side people fall on, mentorship can help bridge the gap between the creativity needed for fashion and the know-how needed to sustain a business.

“With a better understanding of their craft and commercial realities, designers and tailors can offer a better and wider range of services to attract more customers. – even from other parts of the world”.

Deladem Mideko, founder of Maison Midekor and 2022 Vlisco Fashion fund winner, is doing just that and more. The Ghanaian designer plans to expand her brand in French countries and train the less privileged to provide them with a means of employment.

The future of the Ghanaian fashion industry is bright. Ghanaian designers and tailors are exceptionally talented in making and designing beautiful garments. However, ensuring these collective talents are harnessed to truly drive the growth of the Ghanaian fashion industry, and stimulate domestic and international demand, will take a concerted effort.


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