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Video: No Ghanaian rapper can rap better than me – Rasbobo

A US-based Ghanaian musician, Charles Taylor well-known as RasBobo has stated emphatically that no Ghanaian or USA rapper can rap better than him all other things being equal.

The CEO of RasBobo Image Records in an interview insisted that his rapping prowess is one in a million. His response was an answer to the question that some people are of the view that RasBobo deals with Cocaine.

“Everybody has his opinion. I believe in what I do and I live in my convictions. I’m not conforming to any particular rules in the game. You can’t predict RasBobo because where you expect him to rap, he’ll rather sing and the vice-versa. Look, let me make this clear. I can rap and I don’t think there’s anybody in this country nor in Ghana that can rap better than I do”, RasBobo asserted.

RasBobo claimed that ‘unlike new rappers who struggles to sustain themselves in the industry after coming out with a hit song, he is still doing well despite failing to come out with a new song’.
He maintained that the passion for the music industry has sustained him over the years and his urged new rappers to do same.
Watch Full Interview Here:

Source: Dan Kwasi Prince// www.dailyviewgh.com


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