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Video: Actor Rahim Banda Cries On Prez. Mahama

June 3 2015 came with its own problem to visit Ghanaians when flood made many Ghanaians homeless in Accra, the nation’s capital. Whilst it was raining heavily, some Ghanaians who were running for shelter at Goil Filling Station at Circle in Accra also met their untimely accident when the place got burnt. This disaster put a lot of pressure on the sitting government to put safety precautions in place to prevent future troubles of such nature.

Many Ghanaians including celebrities called on government to put course of action in place to stop this from happening again. The latest entertainer to add his voice to the many Ghanaians and celebrities is Best Juvenile actor award-winner at the 2014 Kumawood and Akoben Movie Awards, Rahim Banda.

Rahim Banda has called on government to stop all buildings that are being put up at dangerous places to prevent future disaster as it occurred on June 3 in Accra. The young actor made this plea when donating to the flood victims on Wednesday. Rahim believes this will prevent any future accident.

Below is Rahim Banda making the plea whilst donating to the flood victims.



By Dan K.Prince//dailyviewgh.com



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