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VGMA Award Winner Gambo drops Wedding Song of The Year ‘Settle’ ft. Keche

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper, Gambo, has released unarguably Ghana’s best wedding song for the year 2022.

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Unsung Act of The Year teamed up with fellow musician Keche to release ‘Settle’, a true wedding banger.

In ‘Settle’, Gambo continued his admired tradition of showcasing and marketing the beautiful side of Ghana to the outside world. 

‘Settle’ encourages women to bring an end to the long years of waiting and acting as ‘house helps’ before being taken to the altar for marriage.

Gambo believes women do not need to be kept at home, cooking and washing dishes for four to five years before they are married.

A fellow up to his hit song ‘Boys Aye Wild’, he drummed home the message in ‘Settle’ that men must not only be the breadwinner or spoil their partners, but must marry them without wasting so many years.

‘Settle’ is basically about carrying her home, highlighting that if a man sees a woman of his dream, he should quicken to meet her parents and marry her.

The highly controversial and versatile musician, Gambo says the time when women had to wait for five years before they are married is over, urging women to quit a relationship in which their partners are not proposing marriage.

Gambo is one of the few finest musicians Ghana has produced over the last three years.

His music videos from ‘Drip’, ‘Kwacha’, ‘Beautiful’ to ‘Boys Aye Wild’, have always moved away from the usual practice of showcasing the ‘poverty side’ of Ghana, to marketing and projecting the beautiful and touristic side of Ghana. 

Gambo has always maintained that Ghanaian musicians need to invest significantly in producing quality music videos that match videos produced by artistes in the US and other parts of the world. 


He has always resisted the temptation of making ‘cheap music videos’, as he has consistently invested heavily in producing some of the top-quality music videos from Ghana in recent years.

The ‘Settle’ video is no difference. Gambo equally made a significant investment in producing the official video for ‘Settle’ and as typical of him, showcased and marketed the better side of Ghana in the video.

If you are looking for that great wedding song, Settle is the best.


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