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Use this Independence Day Celebration to listen to the plight of Ghanaians – NDC Glasgow (Scotland) Branch urges Government

NDC Glasgow (Scotland) branch would like to seize the opportunity to wish the citizenry of our beloved country both home and abroad a wonderful Independence Day celebration. On an occasion as blissful as this, its best we sit back as people with common destiny to have a sobber reflection on our future as a country based on current and past political antecedent.

In times when the identity of our country is gradually being subverted to depict an obvious diluted narrative, we can only echo the truth about our history based on cramps and pieces picked up from the table of honesty and integrity since the powers that be have chosen to drink from the cup of deception and lies. We commend Ghanaians both home and abroad for their priceless sacrifices, dedication, commitment and selflessness that motivated our forefathers, led by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, to fight for freedom from the shackles of colonial rule on the 6th March 1957.

As we celebrate this 65th anniversary, Ghana is a pale shadow of what our founding fathers toiled for. There are several questions that demand answers particularly from the current ruling government.

As people, we can only look forward and comprehend the fact that our future is in our owns hands even in the face of adversity from an oppressor in government.
We salute our fisherfolk, teachers, nurses, doctors, media men/women and all hard-working people of the country on whose toil our nation is built. We must continue to crave for excellence and demand accountability from the government on whose coffers our taxes are paid to.

As a nation, we can be proud of our still nascent democracy, one of the most successful on the African continent. There is more work to be done to consolidate our democracy. We must do all in our power to uphold justice, to uphold the rule of law and to uphold individual liberties and fundamental human rights. The dividends of our democratic dispensation must flow to the benefit of our peoth.

It is in view of this, theat we make a clarion call to President Akuffo Addo to address the plight of our students, farmers, market women/men, public servants, teachers, nurses, university lecturers, taxi/trotro drivers etc and to find sustainable solutions to the myriad of problems our country is confronted with due to bad governance. We must demand that we have discipline, probity, and accountability at the heart of national affairs as our country currently deserves better.

To the average Ghanian, we say don’t be afraid. Stand your ground and watch the Lord rescue you today, for the Egyptians cometh in the night to kill and destroy but the Egyptians you see today, you shall see no more after 2024. The high increase in fuel prices coupled with unprecedented level of corruption, high import duties, taxes and the recent deliberate introduction of the E – levy are key indicators of a failed government. The economy of our country rest solemnly on a quicksand as the Ghanaian cedis remains one of the weakest currencies in Africa. Issues on borrowing and profligate spending even in the office of the first gentleman of the land is best left unsaid. Today the prophecy of Dr. Nyaho Tamakloe of Ghanaians paying a bitter lesson should Akuffo Addo becomes a president has sadly become our reality but what makes it more heart breaking is the fact that Ghanaians would have to endure this bad leadership for the next 2 years.

Long live Ghana
Long live the NDC
Eye Zu, Eye Za!!!!!!

Tabbi Wilberforce Awotwe (Ph.D)
Communication Officer,
NDC Glasgow (Scotland), Branch
UK/Ireland Chapter


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