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Unlocking the Potential of Circle: Transforming Ghana’s Vibrant Business Hub into a Catalyst for Economic Growth

By: Nana kweku ofori Atta
Security consultant

It’s concerning to witness Circle, Ghana’s bustling business center, remain underdeveloped despite its immense potential. Often dubbed as “Ghana’s Amazon” and a hub of technology, Circle has long been a hotspot for trading, marketing, and the exchange of various gadgets, attracting both local and foreign entrepreneurs.

This vibrant center has nurtured a plethora of talented youth, proficient in diverse skills ranging from coding to gadget repairs, yet their potential remains largely untapped.

Circle represents an untapped resource, akin to a university campus and a self-made Amazon shopping destination. It’s imperative for the government to reassess its potential and invest in its development. By establishing manufacturing factories and fostering entrepreneurship among Circle’s youth, we can create opportunities for economic empowerment and growth. Moreover, the renovation of Circle’s market center and the establishment of a technological innovation hub can further catalyze its transformation into a thriving business hub.

People from various regions flock to Circle to engage in trade, highlighting its significance as a commercial hub. The youth of Circle, despite limited formal education, have demonstrated remarkable skills in areas like coding, software engineering, and even traditional crafts like gold and silver manufacturing. It’s time for the central government to prioritize investment in Circle’s youth by revamping the market center and creating opportunities for skill development and economic empowerment. This investment will not only benefit the youth of Circle but also contribute significantly to Ghana’s economy as a whole.

God bless us all


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