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    United Federation of Martial Arts wraps up 2021 with Seminar and Tournament

    The United Federation of Martial Arts (UFMA) on Saturday and Sunday, December 11th and 12th, organised an end of year Martial Arts and tournament at the YWCA in Adabraka, Accra.

    The event which was opened to all Martial Arts styles, also had a World Karate Martial Arts Oraginsation (WKMO) Referee program with Grandmaster Soke Mario Arthur.

    The Seminar, with Dr Hanshi Mario Arthur began on Saturday and had lessons like Kata, Kihons, Kumite, Reality Self defense as well as First Aid and saw about 60 participants from the various Martial Arts.

    Master Maxwell Theodore Alornyo, President of UFMA, launched his taekwondo book (French and Korean language) before the WKMO Referees workshop.

    It was a wonderful experience at the YWCA as Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Judo and Kobudo all took turns to demonstrate their special combat sports styles to the admiration of audience and participants

    In the tournament (Kumite/ Sparring) also held on Saturday, Nathan Abdullai, Samuel Agyanim Boateng, Rejoice Folrunsho, Gaius Aseda Amoafo Oppong, Leslie Kumadzro, Michael Mensah and Rohan Sharma walked away with Bronze Medals while Rahina Mustapha, Zoe Nkunim Amoafo Oppong, and Kingsley Duah Boakye won Silver Medals.

    Rohan Sharma, Kingsley Duah Boakye and Michael Mensah were all gold medalists in the Poomsae competition. In Archery, Elorm Abotsi Anani won gold medal whereas Gaius Aseda Amoafo Oppong won silver medal.

    There was more excitement as the Cone and Ladder drills saw Ethan Mason, Rejoice Folrunsho, Michael Abdullai and Eli Abotsi Anani won gold medals and silver medal.

    As if that was all, Ethan and Elorm won gold medals in the Quiz competition while Zoe Nkunim and Eli Abotsi won silver and bronze respectively.

    Maxi-Lane Taekwondo Academy was adjudged the Best Club while Kingsley Duah Boakye and Michael Mensah won the Best Poomsae Team and were presented with Trophies. Kingsley, who performed Taekwondo Aerobics, went home with a trophy, together with Rejoice Folrunsho.

    At the closing and awards ceremony on Sunday, Dr Arthur, an educational practitioner who hails from USA encouraged participants to keep practicing.

    “I came to encourage you and I want to help foster unity among Africans. You must unite for a common goal through martial arts. One thing you must understand, is that Martial Arts originated from Africa.” He concluded.

    There was grading/ Belt test for the various styles as well as the UFMA promises a fantastic 2022.


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