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    Triumphant Babies : Wa Ziko Babies SC Wins Appeals Case Against Wa Power SC To Pick Middle League Spot

    Wa Ziko Babies Football Club earned a place in the Upper West Regional Division II Middle league after an Appeal Committee’s ruling on their viral case against Wa Power SC.

    The Appeals Committee of Ghana Football Association overturned a protest ruling from the upper West RFA Disciplinary Committee to confirm Wa Ziko Babies FC ticket ahead of the upcoming middle league fixtures.

    Wa Power SC protested on two occasions against Wa Ziko Babies including strips and four supposed unqualified players.

    The Upper West Regional FA Disciplinary Committee turned down the first protest under unqualified players but ruled in favor of Power SC on the strips case.

    This ruling at the regional level cost Wa Ziko Babies a place in the middle league despite finishing top of their group.

    The aggrieved Wa Ziko Babies FC headed to the Appeals Committees of Ghana Football Association in search of justice.

    The Appeals Committee of Ghana Football overturned the ruling on the strips to book middle league spot for Wa Ziko Babies FC.

    Wa Ziko Babies FC defeated Wa Power SC 2-0 and lost the return leg 1-0 to finish the league with 13 points, just one point ahead of Wa Power SC.

    Wa Ziko Babies now joins Wa United FC, Wa Yaasin FC and Sombo Freedom Stars from the Wa Zone for the regional middle league.

    Two representatives from the Sissala zone will join the four clubs from Wa in the upcoming regional Middle league.

    The winner joins Wa Suntaa SC in the National Division One League whiles the other top three clubs pick the MTN FA Cup slots.


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