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Top Tamale Radio Presenter JAILED 4 Years for Gay Scam

A Circuit Court in Tamale has jailed one of the region’s most popular radio presenters Nuhu Abu Hassan, also known as DJ Maestro, to 4 years imprisonment.

Ruling was today handed in the case in which he duped a member of the Federal Council of Germany, Hans Dieter Heirrich, through the internet.

Heirrich, who wasn’t in court fell to Maestro’s scams over a period of time after he expressed interest in investing in Northern Ghana.

A well-known presenter who was recently nominated for Best Hiplife DJ in the region, he was arrested and later granted bail after a complaint was lodged that he had defrauded his victim to the tune of $17,000, claiming it was meant for building a house at Sagnarigu, a suburb in Tamale.

Stephen Zoure, the Northern Regional Correspondent of private newspaper Daily Guide who has been following the case from day one, gives the facts of the case as:

The accused and his victim met through the internet nine months ago and struck an acquaintance.

The German legislator later expressed interest in owning a house in Tamale and asked if his new-found friend could be of assistance, and the radio presenter obliged.

The German MP then asked Nuhu Abu Hassan to find out the quotations for him to wire the money for the purpose of building a befitting house for him, but the suspect took fake drawings and emailed to him.

The cash was subsequently sent and after some months, he sent the German MP pictures of a house that rather belonged to his neighbours.

Unknown to him, the German paid a surprise visit to Ghana and dashed to the North only to realise that he had been duped, since there was no house as claimed by the radio presenter.

A complaint was therefore lodged with the police leading to the presenter’s arrest.

In his caution statement, he admitted the offence but claimed his victim was a gay partner and the money was meant as compensation for their gay activities.

He tendered some nude pictures of himself to back his claim, disclosing that part of the money was used in purchasing a Nissan Almera for GH¢16,000 and pleaded with the police to give him time to refund the money.

He also admitted sending the MP the fake building plans and drawings all in a bid to defraud the German who had left the country and given a power of attorney to one Moses Azaare to ensure the prosecution of the case.

By: Kasapafmonline.com/Ghana


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