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This Week on Twitter: How Home-grown brands celebrated Women’s Day on Twitter

International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 is marked every year around the globe to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. As the world marked the day earlier in the week, local home-grown brands in Ghana joined in the efforts to champion women issues and to amplify the voices of their women.

University of Ghana, Jospong Group, Bethniel Financial Technology and SIC Life are among rhe brands that celebrated the role women play in all facets of life by supporting #IWD2022 theme which was “BreakingTheBias”.

They used Twitter to share their sentiments, commemorative messages & best wishes.

Jospong Group of Companies

Jospong celebrated the day with a heartwarming message. The company offered some of the strongest words of the day, highlighting the importance of women in the world today; “their courage that exists in perfect harmony with amazing tenderness saves our world every day!”

Sabre Education

Sabre Education threw the spotlight on two great kindergarten teachers: Regina & Felicia who are using practical activities in the classroom to teach the next generations about caring for the planet and climate.

Kasapreko Company Limited

“We believe in women, we believe in their power, “We’re breaking the bias.” These were the powerful messages Tweeted by Kasapreko a.k.a “King of Beverages” in showing their support to women on the day.

University of Ghana

Projecting their Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, the University of Ghana Tweeted a message with a photo of her and a call to action to all to help create a world free of bias.

Legal Resources Centre Ghana

The Legal Resources Centre, Ghana couldn’t have said it any other way, as the world came together to celebrate women; “To achieve gender equality and equity, we need to break the bias on race, size, ability and sexuality against women”.

National Petroleum Authority Ghana

International Women’s Day means a lot to many, who use it as the opportune time to express their support and the National Petroleum Authority wrote these beautiful words to mark the day “Women are built differently. Women are made to multiply and care. As the world remembers women of all aspects of development across the world, may the dreams of all women be accomplished in every means possible without fear or disbelief.”


For GCB Bank, it’s a simple question, “Will you help break the bias? If you do, cross your arms to show solidarity?”. And their colourful image posted highlighted that breaking the bias can be achieved collectively.

Bethniel Financial Technology

Raising a glass to support #BreakingTheBias and cheering women lifting each other up, Bethniel Financial Tech company asked the tech community to mention any women who are contributing to breaking the bias in the Tech space. That was not all, the brand also posted a video encouraging women who are making an impact.

Nyaho Medical Centre

Nyaho also posted a message supporting the work of trailblazing women who overcome daily challenges and brighten their corners.

NSMQ Ghana

NSMQ Ghana chose to prompt and encourage women who are inspiring others to become the best version of themselves as seen in the post.

Ghana Oil Company
Meanwhile, Goil brought back the famous quote by Margaret Thatcher into the forefront of people’s minds. “If you want something said, ask a man; If you want something done, ask a woman”This seems like the perfect time to reflect on it while the world celebrates women.


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